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What does every property investor want?

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Every property investor wants:

1. Growing market (ie. Capital growth!)

2. Strong Yield (ie. You earn money each month, not give it away!) 3. Bargain price (ie. Woah, I got a good deal on this, less than build cost!)

You have received this information, because at some point we have crossed paths and discussed property investment. Some clients have stayed close and some have drifted apart – this communication however, will make you glad we met! (Can’t wait to see the amazing properties? Scroll down to the bottom of this blog.)

We have secured some properties that hit every one of the “holy trinity of investing” above points so hard, you would wonder why you would invest anywhere else. Once I explain why- you will understand why I just HAD to email you about it! Don’t take my word for it- take a look at this chart:

We started securing properties in the Port Hedland area mentioned above a few months ago from the ‘Mortgagee in Possession’, locking in a price FAR below build price. In fact, a few short years ago, these sold for TRIPLE your current buy price! WHY NOW? A HUGE boom and crash cycle hit Hedland property prices hard. But guess what, that was 7 years ago. What is booming again? Metal prices = up. Mine approvals = up, Mine builds = up, Bulk materials through the port = up (five years in a row). That said, we do not recommend investing in a small single mine dependent town, we are recommending Port Hedland- home of the largest bulk port ON EARTH.

No matter what happens, people must work here shipping volumes to the world 24/7. Those local workers need places to rent! Property prices have not yet caught up- but as the previous chart shows- they are starting to. So now is the time to buy, low buy price means high yield. See for yourself below: ENOUGH CHAT- WHAT ARE THESE PROPERTIES? We currently have:

Fully furnished, 1x1 properties with inbuilt capital growth (as always!) with buy price below build cost! The yields too, will be very strong… and these are located in the best position in Port Hedland, McKay St, overlooking the harbour with beachfront position. $235,000 buy price with a $375/week rental price guide. There are just 4 available.

Yield Investors await a yield with exception returns, download PDF to see why Port Hedland provides strong capital growth.

For more on these (first responders will have priority), reply via email or call Paul on 0414 305 252

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