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WE CAN FIND YOU A TENANT THEN LET YOU MANAGE YOUR OWN PROPERTY Lease only is both effective and efficient for landlords that want to manage their own properties, it means vacancies are minimised. Self-managing rental property can be a risky business, but you can minimise the risk by finding a well-qualified tenants, this takes away the largest risk faced by most land lords. Most of the time they don’t have the resources to screen and qualify tenants. A little known fact is that Property Manages like COLMAN MAGIATIS can take away a lot of the risk for you by leasing your property then handing it back to you to manage. THE COLMAN MAGIATIS LEASE ONLY PROCESS…FROM START TO FINISH 1. Determine fair rent value for the home. Looking at past and present rentals, as well as demand metric and average rental yields, we determine the best rental value to ensure good returns and minimal vacancy times. 2. Prepare the property. Our expert property audit will not only provide suggestions on rental return but also items that may add more to the asking price. It’s the little things that can increase values by up to 10%. 3. Advertise, Market, Show, Repeat. We will utilise our extensive network to advertise the property giving potential tenants access to information on the home. Live showings will be conducted and will be performed as many times as it takes to fill the vacancy with a well-screened tenant. 4. Qualify tenants. Without the assistance of a property manager, many landlords will skip this step. Screening is a critical part of the rental process and includes employment, income and rental histories as well as professional and personal reference checks. By doing so, you have a better picture of the tenant that will be occupying your home. 5. Communication. While we are working hard to fill the vacancy at your property, we never want you to feel left in the dark. Our friendly team will send you weekly updates including any showings that happened, applications received, and where those applicants are at in the screening process. 6. HAND IT BACK TO YOU LEASED AND READY TO GO. At the end of the process we hand it back to you… It’s safe and its easy

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