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Customer Service under par in Property Management

If you are experiencing rental property vacancies, here’s a tip from our mystery shopper..

Our Mystery shopper made twelve online enquires for vacant properties in the Perth metropolitan area; they then tried to book an inspection. Furthermore, many property managers didn’t have a mobile phone number registered on realestate.com.au. The agents that did have a number registered, didn’t answer our mystery shopper’s call. Three did phone back, however.

Nevertheless, only one agent asked our shopper when they would like to inspect the rental property. The other property managers merely pointed the shopper to the online system. This system only listed fixed times - between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. When our mystery shopper tried to organise a time outside the 15 minute home open window, on a Wednesday morning at 9am, this was the reply:

“Dear XXXXX,

Thank you for your continued interest in 20 Dontgiva Sh, East Perth. We are sorry that the existing inspection times are not suitable.

If your circumstances change, please click the following link to select a time and register for an inspection. https://book.inspectrealestate.com.au/Register

By registering, you can confirm a place at the inspection and will be kept informed of any changes, updates or cancellations. If there are no registered attendees for an inspection, then that inspection may be cancelled- so if you wish to attend, please ensure you register for that inspection.

Click here for more information about this property.”

Tenants are your customers, the average renter is responsible, has plenty of disposable income and a desire to live in a clean and safe home for which he or she pays for the privilege.

In such a tight market, property managers should be bending over backwards to accommodate potential tenants and shorten the vacancy period for their owners.

The cost of a vacancy - at $650 per week (which is a $33,800 income stream per annum or $2800 per month), the more difficult your property manager makes it to rent your property, the more you loose. In one instance, our mystery shopper couldn’t view a vacant property for a week - $650 was lost between the weekend enquiry and the pre-determined home open date the following Friday.

Excellent customer service is paramount in such a competitive property market.

Here’s the tip...

Property Managers need to provide the very best quality service. they must answer their phone when potential tenants call, be available for after-hours viewings at the tenants convenience, be committed to understanding individual needs of both the property owner and the tenant and pride themselves in being proactive to secure tenants in tough rental conditions.

If you need a referral to a property management company who ensures service satisfaction is a priority, please contact us, we'll point you in the right direction.

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