1 Year Free Property Management

April 5, 2019

Not 100% happy with your current property manager?  Do you even know who she is anymore?
Experience the difference of a small boutique property management company run by property investors for property investors and make the clever decision  to switch to us.

We'll give you 1 Year Free Property Management (ancillaries still apply) to the first 5 properties that sign up with Colman Magiatis on a 3 year, standard fee, Exclusive Management Authority in April 2019.

If you’d like good long term tenants paying a fair and reasonable rent, who treat your property like their own home … then we’re on the same page! Finding you a great tenant is our number one priority.

But it goes both ways, as an owner we expect you to give us the authority and assistance to look after your tenant and your property to make it a pleasant experience for everyone concerned.
At Colman Magiatis we have recently leased 11 properties in 33 days which is a milestone to date. Further to this, 95% of tenants are renewing their leases with us, and wanting to stay rather than move around as rents are extremely affordable and the cost of moving far outweighs the cost of staying. Given that our portfolio has been organically grown, we know our owners and tenants personally which in turn allows us to develop long term relationships.  
If you’re looking for that one on one personal touch you’ll only find with a small agency and you feel we’re the right fit for you then contact us and we will take it from there.

1 Years Free Property Management  to the first 5 properties that sign up with Colman Magiatis on a 3 year, standard fee, Exclusive Management Authority in April 2019.

At Colman Magiatis we are offering you a unique opportunity.

If you sign up withus for a 3 year contract period, we will offer you a 12 month freemanagement period.

(T's & C's apply)

Come and experience the difference with our boutique property managementcompany. To discuss your property management needs please contact Celeste Colman on 0415 87 52 52


*T's & C's

-Ancillary fees still apply during the free management period

-4 months free management is allocated each year for the duration of the 3 year management agreement

-The onboarding of new properties is at the absolute discretion of ColmanMagiatis. To be clear we have the right to reject any property.
Professional Fees
Management Fee: 9.35% (Waived for 1 year @ 4 months Per Year every year for 3 years)
(8.5% plus GST charged on gross monthly income)
Photocopies & Petties: $10.00
Routine Inspections: $88.00
Final Bond Inspection: $220.00
Lease Renewal Fee/Renegotiation Fee: $99.00
Leasing Fee 2 weeks rent + GST
Tenant Database Check $8.80 per enquiry 
Marketing & Advertising Expenses: $200.00 (max) INTERNET
$200.00 (max) Signage
Property Condition Report: $150.00 to $250.00 (dependent on size of property)
Title Search: $25.70 (At cost)
Annual Financial Year Summary  $44.00
Court Attendance $88.00 per hour - $352.00 max
Inventory Report (only if applicable) $90.00 ingoing
Inventory Report (only if applicable) $90.00 outgoing



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